Change your sprinkler heads from 4″ to 6″ pop ups

Changing sprinkler heads from 4" to 6"


We are often asked by our lawn care customers if there are any advantages to changing existing 4 inch sprinkler heads to 6 inch sprinkler heads.  So we thought we would take a moment and explain the advantages of making the changes to your sprinkler system.

The majority of the lawns we service in Valrico and Fishhawk are St Augustine grass.  This grass is cut between 4 to 5 inches in height.  It is pretty obvious that the 4 inch heads would have a hard time watering a yard if the heads are set flush with the soil level.  This is where the quick and cheap repairs come in.  Often a riser will allow the head to clear the grass, notice the picture on the left with the black pieces below the sprinkler head, those are risers.  This particular head 4 risers attached to the head and was about 3 inches above the soil line to allow the head to clear the grass to water the lawn.  By having the head that high above the soil level the sprinkler becomes vulnerable to foot traffic and lawn mowers.  Notice how the risers are bent and causing the sprinkler head to not stand straight?  Foot traffic and lawn mowers will often break or bend these risers because the head is not secure by being set at the soil level, which will lead wasted water and grass not getting watered.

A 6 inch head will solve all of these problems because the sprinkler head can be set flush with the soil level and still clear with grass without any issue.  There is a cost involved to make these changes but in the long run the investment will be well worth money.  If you would like a quote give us a call or contact us through the webpage.  


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