Get a head start on the growing season!

Spring brings about vigorous growth of all plants, grasses and trees. We have already finished trimming back the dead leaves on shrubs, from the two minor freezes we had this year. This week we have also finished trimming the crepe myrtles back. Before spring it is suggested by the lawn professionals to trim back crepe myrtles to a desired height. This will control the height that the trees grow to and will prevent them from growing to unmanageable heights. The ideal time to trim a crepe back is before any new growth is coming back on the bare branches. During the winter season you want to avoid trimming back your palms too, this is because the canopy created by the leaves actually traps heat in and will help keep your palm healthy through the winter. I know it’s tough to not go cut back the hideous frost bitten leaves but you must wait until the freeze season ends. General rule of thumb is to wait until the first of March.

So weekend yard warriors, bust out the gloves and the equipment you buried in the back of the garage, because growing season has officially arrived! For those who aren’t the yard maintenance enthusiasts you can call us and we would be happy to help spruce up your landscape.

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