Landscape Enhancement in Encore of Fishhawk

Last week we performed a small landscape enhancement in the new Encore subdivision in Fishhawk. The customer wanted something that was nice to look at and create a little privacy while not obstructing the view out back.  Took his requests and put together a custom landscape plan. The estimate was approved and a few days later his yard was transformed!  Check out the landscape project below!


Here is the before picture of the project.  First thing is we marked out the area.  Flagged out the irrigation heads that will need to be moved.

Cutting out all the old grass and plant materials.

Meet our most recent hire.  This is Mr Ditch Witch.  He was a great helper.  Really saved all of our backs!

Got the Robellini Palm tree installed.  Trees are always the focal point and should be installed before any other plant materials.  Its especially important to water the tree in well.  Use a water hose and make sure to push the hose into the ground all around the rootball of the tree.  This ensures dirt gets pulled down into all the air pockets surrounding the rootball.

Laying out the plant materials.  Bed ended up having to be reformed a little.  Ensure that proper spacing is taken into account.  Knowing the full size of the mature plant helps ensure you don’t overcrowd an area.  A picture that wasn’t taken during the project was of the irrigation.  We had to tie into the existing drip system and ran Rainbird drip pipe to water all the plant materials.

Here is the after picture.  The landscape enhancement turned out very nice and the customer absolutely loved it!

If you’re interested in getting a quote for a landscape project don’t hesitate to reach out, we would love to hear from you!

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