Landscape Design and Installation

If you are looking to make the investment in your property, you deserve to have our specialists design and install your custom landscape.  Whether you want a tropical landscape or a Florida native landscape our specialists will be able to help you design your dream landscape!

LawnGuru will design and install landscapes for residential and commercial customers throughout Central Florida.  Our design team will meet with you on site to go over your needs and wants.  We will then custom design a plan that is tailored specifically to your needs and wants.

Check out one of our designs below.


Landscape Design Before


South Tampa Landscape Design

We can also provide a CAD drawing of how the landscape will be laid out and installed.  In addition you will have a as built irrigation plan for future use and repairs.


How to get started

The first step will be to have an initial consultation with one of our designers. During our consultation we will find out what plants you like and what ideas you have in mind. This would be a great time to provide us with a survey of your property.

The second step will be to take pictures and measurements of the area that will be having the landscape installed. Once we have the photos it will be approximately 4 business days until we have a design ready for you. We will edit out the existing landscape plants then place the new landscape plants onto the photo.

Additional Things to consider

One of the most important components in a health and beautiful landscape is the irrigation system.  LawnGuru is a licensed irrigation contractor and can revamp your current system or start from scratch and install an irrigation system specific for your landscape needs.  Learn more about the irrigation service that we offer: Irrigation Service

An add-on service that will absolutely transform your new landscape and wow every visitor who visits your home is landscape lighting.  Landscape lighting is often overlooked or not thought about from the start of the landscape design. Lighting up trees, walls on the home and pathways will make your home or place of business more inviting and will also add a layer of security due to the property being lit up. Lighting Service

Water Restrictions for New Landscaping

We are often asked, what are the rules for watering my new landscape?  This is what the Hillsborough county website says regarding Establishment Irrigation for New or Replacement Lawns and Landscaping.

New Turfgrass, Plants and Landscaping

A 60-day establishment period is allowed for new and replacement turf (sod, plugs, seed, etc.), plants and landscaping.

  • On days 1–30, the new lawn and landscaping may be watered any day of the week, before 8 a.m., or after 6 p.m.
  • On days 31–60, the new lawn and landscaping may be watered on this schedule: Even-numbered addresses may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Odd-numbered addresses may water on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Locations with no address (common areas, entry areas), and locations with mixed addresses (office complexes, shopping centers) may water on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. All watering must be accomplished before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

Sprinkler System Or Hand Water?:

  • New plant material must cover at least 50% of an irrigation zone in order to water with an in-ground sprinkler system during the initial establishment period. If not, the new plant material must be hand watered.
  • Only those zones containing 50% new plant material may be watered, not the entire yard.