Lawn Care

LawnGuru, Inc. provides lawn care services to a range of residential and commercial properties, from single family homes to large commercial office and retail complexes.  We pride ourselves in offering our customers with the best possible service.  We are licensed, insured, bonded and carry workers compensation insurance.

We use only professional equipment; this is to ensure that only the finest work will be performed on your property.  All equipment is serviced on a daily basis to ensure the best possible cuts.  It is very important to ensure that your lawn is maintained by equipment with sharp blades.  This is because if the blades are dull it tears the grass rather than cutting the grass.  When this happens it makes the grass more susceptible to pests and diseases.

Our lawn care professionals are trained in Sprinkler and Irrigation repair.  Our professionals will be able to recommend watering times and duration for each individual sprinkler zone.  It is very important that you not overwater or underwater your lawn.  Overwatering the lawn will result in fungus or root rot and underwatering the lawn will cause the lawn to stress and burn from the hot summer suns.  Speak with one of our lawn care professionals and they can make these and other recommendations to you so your lawn will be the best on the block!

Fertilization is an integral component to ensuring a healthy and beautiful lawn.  If you do not want to hire a fertilization company we can provide you with useful information on how to best maintain your lawn.  We recommend that you use a slow release Nitrogen fertilizer to minimize run off into water supplies and sewers.  By using a slow release fertilizer you will steadily feed your lawn throughout the season.  In order to have a deep green lawn use a fertilizer blend that is high in Iron.  The Iron will green your lawn without the unnecessary growth accompanied by Nitrogen.

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