Community / Homeowners Association HOA

Keeping a community beautiful is extremely important and not something that our company takes lightly. Homeowners have every right to be concerned that their property values will be affected by a community entranceway that is not kept in tip top shape. We have the experience in maintaining Homeowners Association common areas throughout the Hillsborough county area. Our goal is to provide our customers with a remedy to the main issues we encounter when taking over maintenance on a property. Most often the issues we encounter are service inconsistency, communication, and irrigation.

We will ensure that the property is maintained on a consistent day (weather permitting) year round so the homeowners and community manager can have an expectation of when we will be on site. If weather creates a delay we will contact the community manager if they wish to be informed.

Communication between our company and the community manager is something that is very important in order to maintain a great working relationship. We will always have a crew lead on site who is able to fully communicate effectively with the manager for the community. The crew lead will also be at all community association board meetings to answer questions by the board or homeowners.

So the first two issues are customer service related, but the third issue we most often encounter is related to water management on a property. In a short period of time a small irrigation issue can result in landscape repairs that greatly exceed the cost of fixing the irrigation. These landscape repairs are easily prevented by performing regular irrigation checks and by ensuring that the sprinklers are running for the correct amount of time for whats required by the landscaped areas.

If your community is in need of a change of providers we would love the opportunity to care for your property! Please reach out to us via phone or email.