New sod in Riverview

Check out this new yard we just installed in Riverview!

New Sod in Riverview

New sod in Riverview

If you are looking to sell your home or just want to make your yard look awesome installing new sod is great way to immediately increase the curb appeal of your home!  There are many types of sod and thats where consulting with a professional like LawnGuru can make all the difference.  Many subdivisions require you to use a St Augustine grass, but what the HOA won’t tell you is that there are different varieties that will either thrive or die!  Installing new sod can be quite pricey so you are definitely going to want the grass to thrive.  Below are some references for varieties of St Augustine sod.

  • Full Sun requires Floratam St Augustine sod
  • Shady areas require Seville St Augustine sod
  • Heavy Shade areas require Seville plugs
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