Irrigation Installation

If you are considering having a new sprinkler system installed for either new construction or to spruce up your existing landscape please consider choosing Lawn Guru to tackle this project for you.  We will have everything permitted prior to installation and inspected after installation, to ensure that you are protected.

When LawnGuru installs a new sprinkler system we use only the highest quality professional parts. All of our sprinkler heads are installed using flexible pipe off the main line. This is to ensure that heads are not easily broken off due to yard traffic from people and maintenance equipment. We will also use 6in pop up sprays instead of the standard 4in pop up sprays that the majority of install companies use. The reason we use 6in pop up sprays is to ensure proper water coverage for years to come. Often with St Augustine grass a 4in pop up spray will be too low to clear the grass, resulting in dry spots throughout your yard.