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New lawn watering restrictions

Starting on March 13th the Tampa Bay Area is going to once a week lawn watering schedule. Below is the schedule that will need to be followed.

Here’s the schedule:

The numbers are for your last digit of your house address.

0 or 1 Mondays
2 or 3 Tuesdays
4 or 5 Wednesdays
6 or 7 Thursdays
8 or 9 Fridays

Locations without addresses or mixed addresses


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Your yard is LOVING this rain!

I’m sure everyone has noticed a dramatic increase in their lawns beauty with all of this rain. I wanted to take a few minutes to remind you a few different things to take into account with all of this rain.

Think of the environment!

With all of this rain you really do not need to be running your sprinkler system. If your rain sensor is not functional I would encourage you to either replace the sensor or hire someone to replace. […]

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