Your yard is LOVING this rain!

I’m sure everyone has noticed a dramatic increase in their lawns beauty with all of this rain. I wanted to take a few minutes to remind you a few different things to take into account with all of this rain.

Think of the environment!

With all of this rain you really do not need to be running your sprinkler system. If your rain sensor is not functional I would encourage you to either replace the sensor or hire someone to replace. Don’t be those homeowners that are watering while it’s raining or watering a day after a torrential downpour. It’s not cool and is a waste of water!

Now in regards to fertilizer. There’s no better time to fertilize than when it’s cooler out and raining. The best fertilizer for this time of year is a 100% slow release Nitrogen fertilizer with iron. The iron will give you the greening effect you are looking for but without the ridiculous growth. A highly soluble fertilizer will leach through the soil with all the rain we’ve received. Also make sure to keep fertilizer off the roads and sidewalks, and if you do get fertilizer onto these areas make sure to blow the areas off. Fertilizer on road or sidewalk areas will be washed into storm drains that flow into water areas and pollute our environment.

I’m not saying these things because I’m some crazy environmentalist. However these are things that make huge impacts on the ecosystem and are easy to correct.

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